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In Remberance of Our Greater Charleston USBC Members

Don S.Allen
Lori A.Brooks
Gene Brown
Dianne R. Carroll
Mildred A.Doan
Judith Drawdy
Daisey Gathers
Monnie Hardee
Denarius Q. Hawkins (Quinn)
Corine A. Janney

The Final Frame


Our Father, Who art in Heaven,

We take this moment to remember friends, comrades, and bowlers,

Who while in this mortal world were part of a team who played to win.

We know, Our Lord, that in their passing,

They have left us to join Your Holy League.

Accept their cards, Oh Lord, for their dues are paid in full.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.




A.J. Margiotta

July 21, 1980

George D. Justice Jr.
Harvey L. Lewis
Robert R. Martel

Robert R. Martineau
Marcus C. Nottage
Lamar O. Peterson
Harold N. Roberts
Charles W. "Billy" Sandefur
Buddy Sharp
Marvin L. Thames

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