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In addition to our Board of Directors, the GCUSBCA is proud to offer opportunities as Association Volunteers.

Leroy Bennett

Michael Berndt


Bryan Flowers


Jerry Hill


Doug Landwehr


ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERS (Excerpted from GCUSBCA Operations Manual Chapter 2)



Each of the Bowling establishments in the Greater Charleston USBC Association shall be allowed to present to the Greater Charleston USBC Association, two (2) members that are in good standing with the GCUSBCA for acceptance as Association Volunteers.



In the event that a bowling center does not wish to select any USBC members in good standing to represent that center, the Board of Directors may submit an application at one of the quarterly meetings. Applicant must meet with or discuss application with members of the Executive Board. The Executive board shall recommend approval or denial to the full board for vote.



The purpose of these volunteers is to enhance the GCUSBCA relationships among members, non-members and bowling center proprietors.
Promote and advance the sport of bowling.
Help recruit and retain membership.
Assist and participate in educational seminars and workshops.
Promote and assist at tournaments



The volunteers in good standing shall be utilized to replace Directors of the Greater Charleston USBC Association should any of the Directors of the Association resign or be dismissed for cause.



The duties of the Association Volunteers shall be to relay information between the Bowling Establishment that they represent and the GCUSBCA as well as relay information from the GCUSBCA to the Bowling Establishment and the Bowlers in the Establishment.



They shall assist the GCUSBCA by making an appearance at League formation meetings and explaining the benefits derived out of having a league that is certified by USBC.



They shall inform the bowlers of the various award programs that are offered by USBC and the GCUSBCA.



They shall, on occasion, be called upon to make award presentations to one or more of the bowlers that bowl in the Establishment that they represent.



They shall, if called upon by league officers, assist men’s, women’s, mixed and youth leagues with any problems that might arise during league play.



They shall be encouraged to enter a team in the GCUSBCA Annual City tournament and shall be expected to assist during the city Tournament in any capacity as might be needed.



Know the responsibilities of a volunteer as outlined in Appendix 5.



Sign and forward to the associate manager Code of Ethics and Commitment to serve form (Appendix’s 2 and 3).

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